Comments from the guest book
39                                                                      10-16-2011
Name = brad

comment = Best Flan i have ever had! I don't like flan,
but i can't wait until the next time i get flan from here! :)
plus the food is awesome. the service can leave
something to be desired at times though.
38                                                                      09-22-2011
Name = John

comment = Nice stop, great food and lots of it. Great
margaritas, we always go to Los Mex when we're in
Indian Rocks!
37                                                                       09-18-2011
Name = Brittany

comment = We love los mexicanos!
36                                                                       08-05-2011
Name = monica

comment = why dont you have real steak tacos? not the
shredded taco bell tastes much better then this place
35                                                                       07-14-2011
Name = Lisa

comment = the manager is very rude at times. food is
awsesomee no doubt about that. service hmm some
what alright.. could use new ones tho. fast service by
the way.outstanding!!!
34                                                                      07-03-2011
Name = maritza (la catracha)

comment = saludos a todos! Me alegro cuando miro el
restaurante donde compartí una de las mejores
experiencia de mi vida. Está muy bonito todo y extraño
la comida y a mis ex compañeros de trabajo y espero
que los clientes disfruten de la deliciosa comida de
los "MEXICANOS"; saludos a Fredy el jefe sexy del
restaurante. Qué Dios los bendiga a todos.
33                                                                      06-22-2011
Name = Lorena

comment = Me puede decir de: ¿donde son los
dueños? a lo mejor somos del mismo pueblo. Ke
bonito el Restaurante

R. Ellos son de Guerrero, Mexico
32                                                                     05-11-2011
Name = Shelby

comment = Los Mexicanos is bombbb. Love the food, I
go to the tarpon one, i'm gonna go get some fajitas
now. I just agree with yall, i'd like some friendlier
service, always get the same guy and it seems like he
hates his life or Pero, esta fenominal
comida de mexicana!
31                                                                           04-27-2011
Name = Shven

comment = Los Mexicanos rox my sox!! Arriba!!
30                                                                           04-14-2011
Name = maritza matute(la catracha)
Mail = [email protected]
comment = hola amigos q rica c ve esa comida la
extraño tanto meda placer q esten bien y q dios los
bendiga saludos a todos los extraño mucho.

Nota: Mariza el correo que nos diste NO esta correcto
¿nos podrías enviar un comentario en donde
si los escribas correctamente? por favor.
29                                                                          04-08-2011
Name = MyWiseGuys

comment = Food is good. We fly in from Michigan for
the weekend and we make the drive to have this very
good mexican food.  I agree the service isn't so good
but if you like good mexican food, then its worth the wait
28                                                                           03-17-2011
Name = Janis

comment = The food is always great but the service
27                                                                           03-03-2011
Name = greg

comment = @indian rocks beach: what happen to all
the old family?? new people coming in... Whered they
all go. liked it how it was before. Food is still great.
Need better service
26                                                                          02-14-2011
Name = jennifer

comment = Los Mexicanos on Indian rocks is the BEST
I love the servers (well some). the young man hostess
is great ! And the bartender pretty lady is soo nice
always smiling and good at it. the food is delicious it's
soo awesome ! I defiantly recommend going there.
25                                                                           02-07-2011
Name = brit

comment = St. Beach location is losing the interested
in its costumers. I went and ask for 3 differents beers
and they didn't have it. Asked for carnitas and they didn't
have it... Are you guys running out of business or what?
24                                                                           02-05-2011
Name = Christine White

comment = The best Mexican food on the west coast of
Florida.  Nice staff, family friendly and you are seated
right away. Thanks!
22                                                                           01-24-2011
Name = beth

comment = the coupons do not show on your site?
21                                                                           10-31-2010
Name = Teenaa

comment = The coupns dont show on your website.
We would like coupons. Alot of people (locals) have
told us you have wonderful food. We are wanting to try it
while we are here staying on the beach. Can you
please check your website?
20                                                                          10-27-2010
Name = larry

comment = I love the Chicken Nachos(Indian Rocks),
they are the best I've had in a long time. This is what I
always get. I even recommended it to Guy Feri's show
Diners Drive-ins and Dives.
19                                                                          10-14-2010
Name = Joey T

comment = I love the St. Pete beach location, the food
is always really good, super hot and made with
authentic ingredients. Fresh salsa and unlimited chips
can't be beat and the owner/manager of this location is
really cool and treats all his customers like VIPs. Try
the carnitas!
18                                                                          10-09-2010
Name = dianne

comment = I can't get the coupons page to load.
17                                                                          09-12-2010
Name = Julie & Rick

comment = Saint Pete Beach Rock's, Great staff, Maria,
Kate & The Boss are awesome !!
16                                                                          08-27-2010
Name = Joey

comment = Tarpon Springs location rocks! i love the
food and awesome service going back tomorrow if i
could! i love veronica shes the best
15                                                                           08-22-2010
Name = Stephanie

comment = where are the coupons on your site? we go
to Tarpon Springs location aleast once aweek.
14                                                                         08-19-2010
Name = jesse

comment = Indian rocks beach: need some new
servers, very rude at times! Tarpon : same as
indianrocks beach.  The food is great! In both places
no questions about that.
13                                                                         08-19-2010
Name = Joe

comment = Excellent food.  Service is questionable at
times, but seems to be getting better (Tarpon Springs).
 BTW, the other locations are on Gulf Blvd, not Golf Blvd
as the website says.
12                                                                          08-19-2010
Name = kathern

comment = Awesome place!!!!! Right when we come
and sit service is there, fast chips and salsa great
servers great everything!!
11                                                                          08-17-2010
Name = RICK

comment = Great Stuff !!  THE BEST IN TOWN !!!
10                                                                           08-16-2010
Name = Annette Core

comment = Great food, Good time, Great People!!
09                                                                          08-14-2010
Name = family

comment =
The restaurant is awesome! Great food can't say great
service all the time.
08                                                                          08-13-2010
Name = The Girls

comment = We come here for "group therapy" on a
regular basis!  Thank you for excellent margarita's, and
awesome food!!
07                                                                           08-12-2010
Name = Khris

comment = If they gave me stock for every meal I ate
here, I would be a major shareholder! :)  The shrimp
cocktail, the spinach quesadilla, the cheese dip!!!  I
haven't had a meal I didn't love, and the staff (Eric,
thanks!) is wonderful!  Save my seat!
06                                                                          08-12-2010
Name = SCOTT

comment = Thee very best Mexican rest. I have been to
and continue to go to at least 2 to 3 times a month, if
not more
05                                                                          08-11-2010
Name = Joshua Wolfenden

comment = The overall experience at Los Mexicanos is
excellent. The food is authentic and delicious. The
environment is family-friendly and the service is
excellent. Buen provecho!
on Indian Rocks beach,Fl.
04                                                                           08-11-2010
Name = severino
comment = excellent food and great service
Indian Rocks
03                                                                          08-11-2010
Name = beverly

comment = abner is very good at the door, and eric is
one of the best servers ever.(Indian Rocks, Beach)
02                                                                           08-09-2010
Name = luzzy

comment = my comment is for the restaurant on indian
rocks beach. i go there almost every week. my family
and i try to go. i think the restaurant is fanastic! but
when we went there maybe two weeks ago we didnt
like, we always get the same servers as we used to
see. but this time we got this new girl? maybe she isnt
new but we havent been served by her, shes young,
shinny black hair. the point is she didnt have a smile
on, she kept on forgetting about us. yall should check
on your new servers. we like the ones we had before.
01                                                                           08-01-2010

your are welcome to send your comments about the
food and service  you got in the Restaurant
"Los Mexicanos".